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Experience seamless Google Ads management with no learning curve using LaunchPad. Discover the quickest route to more affordable and enhanced advertising on Google Ads, all fully automated and free from agency fees.

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  • Quick overview: The last 30 days in a single view. Explore all essential information through a single dashboard, tailored to show only the data that matters to you
  • Reporting: Gain comprehensive insights into your campaign KPI, Conversions, Bidding and Devices with our dashboard designed for in-depth analysis
  • Full control: LaunchPad empowers you with complete command over your advertising spend. Our user-centric platform allows for seamless adjustments to your campaigns whenever you choose

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, contact our support within 30 days of receiving your report and we’ll work with you to make it right!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the software need?

Once your account has been created, our software is fully hands-off. Our algorithms decide everything for you, however, it’s also possible to login and steer the algorithm. For example, by accepting or rejecting keywords.

Will I be locked into a contract?

No, we believe in providing you with the flexibility to adjust your budget at your convenience. That's why we don't require contracts.

I've tried advertising before, without any results. Why is LaunchPad different?

What a shame! We hear this concern several times a year from clients who previously worked with a PPC agency. The most common issue is the overwhelming number of options available for adjusting Google Ads. That's exactly why we created LaunchPad: to simplify the complexities of advertising through AI. With LaunchPad, your ad will reach the right person, at the right time, with the perfect ad text, significantly enhancing your chances of success!

Can I try it with a lower budget first?

Absolutely! We recommend starting with a minimum commitment of 2 to 3 months to achieve optimal results. Typically, budgets range from $7 to $13 per day for Google Ads. This duration and budget allow the algorithm sufficient time and resources to identify the search terms that best suit your website. Additionally, a longer timeframe helps mitigate the impact of fluctuations in click rates due to external factors like holidays or other external influences.

What if I already have running ads/campaigns?

Not a problem! To link your existing Google Ads account with LaunchPad, all we need is your 10-digit Google Ads ID number. Once you grant permission, LaunchPad will manage your account. After our algorithms are activated, you won't need to log in to Google Ads anymore.