Do you want to grow your business by ranking higher than your competitors in Google?

We help ambitious entrepreneurs improve the position and visibility of their company in popular search engines such as Google. Why choose Bakklog? You have likely found us because we rank high in Google, which is exactly what we can do for you too!

SEO optimization

SEO Optimization

93% of online queries start on a search engine. If you’re not one of the first results, you’re losing traffic to your competition.

Organic growth

Increase your reach

Increase your business's visibility to start reaching new and more qualified customers through your website.

Build domain authority

Clear strategy

Our Search Engine Optimization solutions build a website's relevance and trust with search engines.

Why invest in Search Engine Optimization?

A large organic reach is the dream of every entrepreneur. By ranking higher in Google, customers visit your website without you having to spend loads on advertising and other digital marketing campaigns.

To win in Google, your website must be SEO optimized. This has everything to do with content, technology and authority. You can do this yourself, but it is very time consuming. Without knowledge of SEO and a clear strategy, you will rarely be able to achieve the desired results. By outsourcing the SEO actvities to our SEO specialists, you can be sure that your web pages will score!

Let our experts help you!
Want to rank higher in Google Search results?
Outsource your SEO needs to our team of experts

Outsource your SEO needs to our specialists

Our SEO services always start with an extensive (digital) strategy conversation. We take a close look at your company and industry and perform an SEO Quickscan. During this scan, the opportunities for your business will emerge. We discuss this with you, and based on this scan we develop an SEO strategy. Thanks to our many years of experience, our specialists know exactly how your company can grow!

We take care of everything for you: from setting up Google Analytics to realizing powerful SEO content. At the end of the optimization process you will rank higher in Google and you can count on higher findability, more clicks to your website and a structural flow of customers.

SEO Company

Ready to start ranking higher on Google?

SEO plans from Bakklog

At Bakklog, we offer Small Local, Local, Competitive Local, and Metro SEO plans, all with various tiers to fit your needs and budget.

In addition to our SEO services, clients receive access to the Bakklog LaunchPad — our award-winning, all-in-one software that gives you insights into your businesses' online performance. The best part? Our SEO plans and LaunchPad features are designed to earn you the highest possible ROI for your campaigns.

Our plans

Small Local

Small store, niche markets

(15 SEO hours per month)

From $ 855 /mo *

Select plan

Best suited for

  • Low competition
  • Smaller market
  • Just starting to build an online presence

Most popular


SMBs, boutiques, auto parts, manufacturing

(20 SEO hours per month)

From $ 1140 /mo *

Select plan

Best suited for

  • Standard market
  • Active competition
  • Already established online presence
  • Website generated some traffic

Competitive Local

Lawyers, dentists, contractors, larger businesses

(30 SEO hours per month)

From $ 1710 /mo *

Select plan

Best suited for

  • Competitive market
  • Highly active local competition
  • Established online presence looking to grow
  • E-commerce options


Corporates & SME in highly competitive markets

(50 SEO hours per month)

From $ 2850 /mo *

Select plan

Best suited for

  • National market
  • Very active, competitive local market
  • Large e-Commerce sites
  • Already established businesses and websites
  • Franchises / multiple locations

* Pricing discount of 5% applies for a 1-year commitment with services billed monthly.

Let us help you!

Metadata optimization

Metadata optimization

Tempt visitors before they enter your website. Our SEO experts write catchy titles and descriptions for all of your pages.

Optimized content

Optimized content

If you use our services to provide you with content, we make sure it's optimized for not just your visitors but also for Google.

URL optimization

URL optimization

A clean structure for your page links helps Google index your pages. If you have a blog, we'll also help you setup the right categories.

Build authority

Build authority

With our help you will become an authority in your industry. A rock-solid reputation with a strong representation.

Image optimization

Image optimization

Make sure your images are indexed the right way and don't hinder your websites performance. Your images will be optimized.

Link building

Effective link building

We maintain a strict quality standard and only place links on relevant and quality websites to make sure your backlink profile is optimized.

Monthly reporting

Monthly reporting

We are a transparent SEO agency: as our customer you receive a clear report every month of the work performed.

SEO strategy

Strategy consultation

Together we define your strategy. Our SEO experts will do a full analysis before we start our work, so you can be sure that we will be able to deliver the best results.

Tailored advice

Tailored advice

Our Client Advisor's go the extra mile to check-in with you on a regular basis and discuss the next steps we need to take.

What does our SEO process look like?

With our experienced team, Bakklog assists in increasing your bottom line with an SEO campaign that is specifically catered towards your businesses needs. Start getting qualified search traffic to your website today with our search engine optimization services.

SEO services that help drive traffic and increase your revenue

A look at our SEO process that has driven over 1 million leads and more than $250 million in revenue for Bakklog clients. Discover how our SEO experts will improve your online presence, lead generation, and overall revenue with our tech-driven SEO process.


A deep dive into your business and website

Your dedicated SEO consultant puts on a detective hat and and gathers the data we need to put together a roadmap for your website's SEO campaign.


Our experts start applying the necessary changes

We make purposeful changes to your website to help Google better understand who you are. With our dedicated development team we can also take care of any technical SEO, helping you increase the usability, speed, and functionality of your website.


It's time to educate your website's visitors

We help educate your visitors and write content that guides them through the purchasing funnel. Our team puts together topic suggestions, professional copy, and quality to content to sky-rocket your company's growth and your website's ranking.


Meticulous research at the heart of our SEO services

An extensive keyword research process makes it clear what your audience is looking for and help us drive valuable traffic to your site. With relevant traffic heading to your website, your business can secure fresh leads and new sales.

Let's start your digital journey

Ready to start hyper scaling your business? Tell us about your needs, we'd love to collaborate with you.