Cookiebot CMP: Consent and Privacy Management

Are you a global business using Google Analytics and/or Google Ads? Neglecting a proper cookie banner risks fines and data loss. In 2024, international cookie legislation tightened. Cookiebot offers the solution—a fully GDPR-compliant banner, essential when paired with Google tools.

GDPR compliance with Cookiebot

What is Cookiebot?

Cookiebot isn't just any cookie management tool – it's your website's guardian against cookie chaos! Unlock the power to seamlessly manage cookies with Cookiebot, where you can take care of:

  • GDPR Compliance: Cookiebot ensures your website complies with GDPR regulations for collecting data via cookies. This means your visitors are informed about which cookies are used and for what purpose, empowering them to grant or refuse consent.

  • Automatic Cookie Notifications: With Cookiebot, bid farewell to manual cookie notification setups. The tool automatically generates notifications seamlessly integrated with your website's design.

  • Consent Logs: Cookiebot maintains detailed logs of the permissions granted by your visitors. This is crucial for meeting legal requirements and ensuring transparency.

  • Effortless Management: Easily categorize and manage cookies, allowing your visitors to choose which cookies they wish to allow. With Cookiebot, it's all about simplicity and control.

We take care of the integration

Bakklog as Cookiebot Partner

As proud partners of Cookiebot, we're not just experts—we're enthusiasts about bringing its power to your website! Need help setting up or fine-tuning Cookiebot to match your site's unique vibe? We've got you covered!

Partnering with Cookiebot means we're your go-to guides for unleashing its full potential. From navigating the GDPR maze to tailoring Cookiebot just for you, our team is geared up to support you every step of the way.

Make the smart choice with Cookiebot and tap into our expertise as official partners. Together, let's craft a cookie notification that not only ticks all the GDPR boxes but also delights and earns trust from your visitors.

Cookiebot by Usercentrics Certified Partner

Make your website’s use of cookies and online tracking compliant today

Get started right away or schedule a call to explore all its features and uncover the endless possibilities to optimize your use of Cookiebot. Have more questions or challenges? Share them with us, and we'll gladly assist you in conquering your privacy management needs.