Hey there. We are scopeweb.

Since 2017, we develop professional websites, mobile apps and optimize online marketing campaigns for startups & SMEs. Using design, passion and technical know-how, we can deliver a high-quality, unique, clear and consistent brand that drives your business forward.

About us

With our team of start-up veterans, we make our knowledge and experience accessible to start-ups and SMEs. With our team we develop, design and produce innovative products and services that help you grow your business (online).

Since 2017, we have been making start-ups and SMEs more successful

Our mission

In 2017 we started in the US and the Netherlands with the aim of making start-ups and SMEs more successful online.

The latest and most innovative software trends

Internationally active

We have customers from more than 100 cities across the Netherlands and America. We are proud of it!

Active in the Netherlands and the United States

Highly rated

Our customers rate us with 5 stars on Clutch and Google. We always aim for a pleasant cooperation.

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A look behind the scenes.

Curious about our team in the United States? Don't worry, with this fun video you immediately get a good impression of the great atmosphere of these innovators.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed here? Feel free to contact us.

What are the costs to have a custom website or IOS/Android application made?

The question 'what does a website cost' is just as difficult to answer as 'what does a car cost'. After all, a full option BMW is many times more expensive than a simple Volkswagen without power steering. The costs for having a website made depend on the number of pages, functionalities and design.If you have a budget that is less than $ 2,500, you will always end up with a template website wherever you go. Do you want a custom website? Then at Bakklog websites start from $ 5500, and depending on functionality, this can go up.

Can I adjust my website myself or do I have to call or email first?

Of course! Thanks to our very user-friendly management system, you can easily add or change texts, images and videos. At the delivery of your website or webshop, we personally guide you through the Storyblok management system. If you run into something later, you can always contact us, we are happy to help you!

Is the website my property and can I move it if necessary?

Yup! We are only satisfied when you are, and therefore want to go for 100% satisfaction. If you decide to move your website after the first year, we will help and support you. In practice we do not experience this, but you do get the certainty.

Can I see how many visitors my website has attracted?

Most definitely, yes! We link your website to Google Analytics. With this free service from Google you can see at a glance how many visitors your website has had. If you want to attract more visitors, we can support you with our SEO packages.

I don't live in Randstad, New York City, or Amsterdam. Can you still make a website for me?

Absolutely! We make websites throughout the Netherlands, and across the United States. Today's technology has made it possible to establish excellent contact from a distance. For example, you can make video calls with us via Microsoft Teams, but you can also simply call and email us. Whenever there are issues you cannot resolve yourself, we are there for you. We can easily advise you remotely through Teams to help solve website related issues.

I am not satisfied with my current website, can you update my website or IOS/Android application?

We cannot perform updates for websites/applications that have already been delivered. Because we have no insight into the quality, source code and the chosen technology, it is too expensive to be able to revamp a website we have not built. We can, however, create a new website/application for you to solve what you do not like about your current website/application.

Freelancer and looking for extra assignments?

Leave your details to register for our freelance network without obligation and we will contact you if we think we have a suitable project.