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The objective

After opening three new branches, this kitchen specialty store aimed to attract a steady stream of new customers to the showrooms and increase the visibility of their online brochures.

Our services

  • SEO

  • Google Ads

  • UI/UX Design

  • Conversion Optimization

Starting point

The site had almost nothing to start with. A few brand name searches but almost zero traffic and zero online sales. Within months this started growing significantly.

Kitchen specialty store Google Analytics before SEO campaign


This client is now a fast growing profitable business with thousands of visits per month and continually growing search presence. Their website not only drives traffic, but also gets people into their showrooms.

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The Bakklog playbook

No two projects are the same, but the high level strategy never changes. Here are the 3 steps we use every time to multiply our clients organic revenue, along with the specific tactics we used for this client campaign.

1. Improve site quality

As we were involved in this website from the very beginning, we took some fairly radical steps to create a super high quality website.

The most notable was blocking the make an appointment page from being crawled.

Robots.txt disallowed important pages
Robots.txt disallowed important pages

After having quickly fixed the robots.txt file we started looking at some of the bigger challenges.

A major challenge of this project is taking on well-established companies that have been dominating Google rankings for years. But here's the exciting part: with the right strategies and smart execution, you can outshine even the biggest competitors and claim your spot at the top of the search results.

Because this website was new at the time, we were able to go in and make some minor changes relatively easily, to make sure the website was well-built and technical-friendly.

Once we rolled out this update, the site was super easy to crawl for Googlebot and other important search engine crawlers.

2. Expand bottom of funnel

Onto the actual rankings and traffic potential, this is where the real magic happens.

For this project, we implemented a comprehensive on-page optimization strategy that was critical in expanding the bottom of the funnel and driving conversions.

Here’s a breakdown of how we meticulously optimized every detail to achieve our goals:

Page structure optimization and addition of sub-topics:

We organized the page to create logical connections between sections. The structure began with an introduction to our service and company, followed by a detailed list of services, and then compelling reasons to hire us. This flow improved user experience and addressed key questions related to search intent, effectively guiding potential customers through their decision-making process.

Sentence-level optimization using semantically relevant keywords:

Each sentence was carefully optimized with contextually relevant keywords. We reverse-engineered our competitors and used a proprietary tool we developed, alongside Surfer SEO, to fine-tune our content.

Internal links:

A robust internal linking strategy was implemented, connecting every page on the site to the main page. This created a strong semantic network, reinforcing the overall topic of the website. We used exact match and partial match keywords for anchor text, enhancing the site’s SEO.

URL optimization:

We ensured that all URLs were clean, descriptive, and keyword-rich, further boosting the site’s search engine performance.

Keyword count and variation optimization:

We meticulously managed the keyword frequency on each page. By analyzing competitor data, we struck a balance to avoid over-optimization. Using tools like Surfer SEO, we maintained a keyword density slightly lower than the average to ensure natural, effective SEO.

Entity connection establishment:

To help Google better understand the website’s entity, we linked to other relevant properties and created a comprehensive 'About Us' page. We clearly stated who we are and what we do, using straightforward language such as: “We are ABC, and we offer XYZ.”

By following these detailed on-page optimization steps, we significantly enhanced our website’s performance.

This strategy not only improved our search rankings but also effectively expanded the bottom of the funnel, leading to increased conversions and a stronger online presence.

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3. Optimize bottom of funnel

Once all the right pages were in place, it was time to turn up the optimisation dial.

Note: this is an ongoing process.

There are major factors we’ve worked on which are performing great so far for such a new and low authority site.

The first is rather simple, optimising all the title tags and H2s.

Once all the on-page SEO work was completed with a foundational and technical SEO sprint, we began focusing on the authority sprint.

One of the most effective strategies we employed was utilizing press releases for link building. This method remains powerful today. We chose to use either the brand name or URL as anchor text to ensure safety and maintain a natural link profile. This technique is particularly beneficial for newer websites, as it helps establish initial authority and credibility.

We also recognized the importance of off-page reviews and what people say about the site (entity) for local SEO. To enhance this, we advised our client to encourage their customers to leave positive reviews on major directories like YellowPages and Yelp. These reviews act as significant ranking signals and can greatly influence local search performance.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the off-page optimization steps we took:

Press releases for link building:

We released carefully crafted press releases to major news outlets and industry-specific platforms. By using the brand name or URL as anchor text, we ensured a natural and safe link profile, crucial for establishing authority for the new site.

Encouraging reviews and sentiment establishment:

Understanding the impact of reviews on local SEO, we guided our client to ask their satisfied customers to leave positive feedback on prominent directories such as YellowPages and Yelp. This not only boosted the site’s local SEO rankings but also built trust and credibility among potential customers.

By implementing these off-page strategies alongside our on-page efforts, we effectively expanded the bottom of the funnel. These techniques enhanced the site’s authority, improved its local SEO performance, and supported our overall goal of driving more conversions.

Client feedback

We found ourselves with a solid site and traffic, but relying heavily on paid traffic sources to generate revenue. Bakklog stepped up and helped us gain the organic presence that we so badly needed.

The best part about working with Bakklog was the accountability and solid communication, and our organic traffic has improved significantly. Thank you very much.

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