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The objective

The client partnered with our agency in the spring, aiming to enhance their organic search visibility in preparation for their peak season: Christmas.

Our services

  • Technical SEO

  • On-page SEO

  • Link building

Starting point

Having large amounts of duplicate content without adding any additional value, the site's SEO performance was significantly impacted. The client's product descriptions were sourced directly from the manufacturer's websites, resulting in external duplicate content that required immediate attention.

Increase in number of keywords


Due to duplicate content lacking uniqueness, the site's SEO suffered. Product descriptions needed attention as they were directly from manufacturers' websites. After new strategies were implemented, traffic surged, user engagement increased, and revenue grew, boosting the site's search engine ranking and online performance.

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The Bakklog playbook

No two projects are the same, but the high level strategy never changes. Here are the 3 steps we use every time to multiply our clients organic revenue, along with the specific tactics we used for this client campaign.

1. Improve Site Quality

Have a large amount of duplicate content without adding any value can significantly impact a site's SEO performance. The product page descriptions on the client's site were taken directly from the manufacturer's respective websites which meant that external duplicate content was an issue that needed to be addressed immediately.

Throughout the campaign, we revised the product descriptions to make sure they were distinctive and included compelling text to persuade customers to click through and make a purchase, starting with the client's best-performing products.

Here are some more pointers on optimizing your product pages in addition to ensuring that your descriptions are original:

  • Compose for your ideal customer - identify who your ideal client is and the main issues that they will be trying to solve with your product or solution.

  • Emphasize the benefits - clearly state how using your product will benefit the customer.

  • Highlight the key features - clearly state the primary attributes (main features) of your products. Users will be more likely to purchase your product if you give them more information about it.

Highlight the core product features

  • Use high quality images (and videos) - it's important to have high quality photos and videos of your products in use as people cannot physically touch or see your products. Take unique photos from all angles to show the full product and accentuate its salient characteristics. For example, if you're selling winter boots, you should include photos of the soles to show users that they have a strong grip.

Use high quality images (and videos)

  • Make it scannable - make sure that the most important details about the product are easily readable so that customers can decide fast if the product is right for them or not.

2. Expand Bottom of Funnel

Next up, we needed to reorganize the site structure. A foundational part of any Ecommerce SEO strategy is to organize your products into relevant categories and subcategories so that the pages are easily accessible for both users and Google's crawlers. On the client's website, a large number of product pages were incorrectly categorized, and some pages had no categories at all.

Having standalone product pages not only makes your site harder to crawl, but it also makes it harder for users to find them. Products that are incorrectly categorized can also negatively affect users' experiences by displaying irrelevant results for their search terms.

Well-optimized site architecture/structure

Additionally, we ensured that internal links to other pertinent pages were present on the product and category pages. To the client's best-selling products, for instance, we included a related products section with internal connections to underperforming but pertinent product sites. This facilitates consumers' search for related products and aids Google in deciphering the connections between the website's different pages.

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3. Optimize Bottom of Funnel

Now that the site was easy to navigate, for both users and Google's crawler, it was time to optimize the websites performance.

Back in 2020, Google announced Core Web Vital, an initiative designed to improve page performance metrics. CWV are made up of three metrics that measure the loading (Largest Contentful Paint), interactivity (First Input Delay), and the visual stability of a page (Cumulative Layout Shift).

Google recommends that the longest content loading time (LCP) on a web page be no more than 2.5 seconds. LCP quantifies this time. When a user clicks on a button on a web page for the first time, the browser's response time is measured by FID. This ought to take no more than 100 milliseconds.

  • Google recommends that the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) on a web page be no more than 2.5 seconds. LCP quantifies this time.

  • FID measures how long it takes for the browser to respond to the user’s first interaction on a web page (i.e. clicking on a button). This should be 100 milliseconds or less.

  • Any sudden changes in a webpage's layout, such as when a "visible element changes its position from one rendered frame to the next," are referred to as Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

It was necessary to enhance the client's performance on Google's Core Web Vitals in order to guarantee the optimal user experience. This entailed ensuring that the website has as few internal redirects as possible, optimized or compressed pictures, and eliminated any extraneous JavaScript and CSS code.

You can use the Pagespeed Insights tool to gauge how well your CWV is performing.

Pagespeed Insights

The tool also provides actionable advice on how to improve your score.

Improve Core Web Vitals score

Keeping an eye on your Core Web Vitals performance is important as it's a factor that Google considers as part of its Page Experience update.

Client feedback

In a digital world where staying visible equates to staying relevant, Bakklog has been an invaluable partner. I highly recommend their services to any business looking for a substantial, measurable impact on their SEO performance.

Their data-driven approach and transparency in sharing progress reports, status updates, and key metrics is impressive and reassuring.

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