+502.87% Organic Traffic for Veranda Manufacturer


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The objective

Significantly grow the amount of RFP's and sales booked through the clients website, which distributes leads to partnered stores nearby the consumer.

Our services

  • SEO

  • Google Ads

  • UI/UX Design

Starting point

Working with an agency for over a year, organic traffic had grown by about 2,000 monthly visitors, but not enough to generate a positive ROI.

Veranda manufacturer Google Analytics before SEO campaign


From the start of the campaign until the end of May, SEO traffic is up 502.87% with revenue up a significant 163.28% also.

Overall search visibility has increased exponentially, as seen in the impressions/clicks growth from Google Search Console.

Organic traffic
Website revenue
More leads
More appointments
Top 3 keywords
Page 1 keywords

The Bakklog playbook

No two projects are the same, but the high level strategy never changes. Here are the 3 steps we use every time to multiply our clients organic revenue, along with the specific tactics we used for this client campaign.

1. Improve site quality

This client's site was screaming out for some technical SEO fixes.

Every single page on the website had a broken canonical tag pointing to the homepage, or being left empty.

That means it was recommending search engines "hey don't rank this page, show the homepage instead"... for every page.

And there were a LOT of pages.

Every product group had a unique collection e.g. Porches, Garden rooms, Glass sliding walls, Carports... you get the point.

Within each collection, there is a landing page that showcases the different pricing options and contains information about the collection.

We had a theory:

What if we could rank a single page for verandas, DIY or DFY packages, and the completed project showcase for different regions?

Now we can’t exactly roll something like this out and hope for the best - too risky.

So we tested it on a newer model, that wasn't selling very well just yet, the Cube.

Because of it's price point, and the new nature of the product, this wasn't a high volume product quite yet, so the perfect candidate for some testing.

We started by optimizing the Cube product page to rank for Luxe veranda, Modern design veranda, and Glazen wand veranda.

The result?

Fast forward a few weeks and the collection was ranking right up there with the product.

Next, we needed to canonicalise the product pages so they weren’t competing against each other. And then roll this out across more collections, monitoring and testing as we went.

The results were staggering…

Skyrocket growth for the Verasol Cube

But more on that later.

2. Expand bottom of funnel

At this point, there's pages in place to rank when you search for every porch model and every porch type.

Buy a luxury veranda

Affordable veranda

Luxury porch

But we noticed something pretty interesting:

80% of traffic (and potential) was from their branded products. And probably 70% of that was from their newer Cube product line.

More interestingly, the biggest individual search terms with the highest potential were not specific models, they were their branded products.

  • Cube veranda with a whopping 5,800 monthly searches

  • [Client name] veranda with 4,100 monthly searches

So our next core strategy was to create optimised brand landing pages that link into each collection.

Did it work? Well these pages are the highest traffic page on the site, beside the homepage.

But again, more on that later.

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3. Optimize bottom of funnel

Now we've got the site where we want it to be from a quality and navigational perspective, it's time to optimize.

Some of this is simple:

  • cube veranda packages has 2,800 monthly searches

  • cube veranda price has 1,700 monthly searches

Guess what we made this page heading 1 (H1)? Exactly, Cube veranda packages & pricing.

Repeat this across all models, both branded and non-branded, as well as updating the SEO title tag and meta description, and there you have our basic optimization steps.

But that's not really enough, not to compete against brands with over $10m in annual revenue and 4x more backlinks from sites like Klarna, MailChimp, Business Insider, The Washington Post, and more.

So next we have to improve and expand the content page-by-page.

At the time, pretty much every page had identical content. Copy and paste. Brand and model names switched out. That's it.

We spiced this up a bit, gave each page unique content, added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)'s and made sure these pages meat E-E-A-T standards and provide a good user experience.

Client feedback

Thanks again for all your amazing work, I'm glad I stuck at it. You have practically changed my life within 12 months.

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Joseph McFall
Director & President

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